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Zenny (ゼニー) is a fictional in-game currency created by Capcom which appear in many of their games,[1] such as the Mega Man franchise and the Breath of Fire series.

List of games featuring Zenny

Minna to Akashic Heroes

Mega Man Battle Network 4

  • Wily & Right's RockBoard: That's Paradise
  • Minna to MonHun Card Master


Zenny chocolate coins.

  • The name is a reference to the term (Zeni?), an Edo-era designation for "common" coinage that eventually became a byword for all forms of cash and an inspiration for a number of fictional currencies, including this one by Capcom.
  • Monster Hunter Zenny chocolate coins were released in Japan in February 2011.[2]
  • Street Fighter V previously used Zenny as one of its two currencies but it was dropped as of June 2016.[3]