Yuriko Hibiki (火引 百合子 Hibiki Yuriko?) is a character that appears in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. She is Dan Hibiki's younger sister in the continuity of the Marvel vs. Capcom series.



Yuriko resembles an average Japanese schoolgirl. She wears her school uniform and has her hair styled into braids.


Yuriko is described as being curious and good-hearted. She cares a lot about her free-spirited brother, And, Snuck out to follow him around on his journey around the world to promote Saikyo-ryu. However, She doesn't like fighting. At all. And wishes her brother would calm down. Despite this, She admires his talent for business and would like to begin her very own mail-order website someday. When she isn't chasing after Dan, She focuses on her student life and also plays on a softball team. Her position is the Pitcher.


Sometime before the events of Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Dan left to go around the world and promote his martial art of Saikyo-ryu. Yuriko snuck out after him following him around secretly during his travels.

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street FighterEdit

Yuriko appears in her brother's ending in Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter. She stops him from killing Cyber Akuma, revealing something about his connection to the two (perhaps the fact that he is their father).

Street Fighter V: Arcade EditionEdit

Yuriko makes an appearance in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition as the in-game shopkeep in the shop menu.


  • Yuriko's design and name are based on Yuri Sakazaki from SNK's Art of Fighting series, a direct reference to the fact that Dan is partially a parody of her older brother, Ryo. Her appearance in Dan's ending parodies Ryo's ending in the original Art of Fighting game where Yuri rushes in to stop Ryo from killing Mr. Karate, informing him that he is their father.
  • Yuriko's profile on the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute is stated to be representative of a parallel setting to the main Street Fighter series, so it is unknown whether or not Yuriko has an equivalent in the continuity of the mainline games. However, her appearance as a shopkeeper in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition may indicate this to be the case.
  • Yuriko's Halloween costume (as seen in the gallery) is that of Lilith from the Darkstalkers games, another fighting series by Capcom.


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