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Yuri is a Lost Planet character featured in the first game, Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.

Yuri Solotov is a scientist and medical officer of a small group consisting of himself, Luka, Rick, and eventually Wayne Holden. Yuri's dream is to turn E.D.N. III into a warm planet, where humanity can live comfortably and without worry of the Akrid. To this end, Yuri ends up joining forces with NEVEC behind the backs of Wayne, Luka and Rick, in order to help with the Frontier Project. However, when he discovers what the Frontier Project will do, he attempts to stop it, but ends up being imprisoned and tortured.

While working for NEVEC, Yuri contacts Joe and tells him to meet up with Wayne and provide him with an upgrade for his Harmonizer. Afterwards, Yuri is arrested for "snooping around too much". By the time Luka and Rick find Yuri, he is already dying. Before his death, Yuri explains to Wayne the function of the Harmonizer upgrade, and pleads with Wayne to stop the Frontier Project. He then passes away, much to the sorrow of Luka and Rick.

Yuri is voiced by Andrew Kishino.