Yasuyuki Tsujino (辻野 泰之) is a Capcom sound designer originally based in its 1st Production Studio. As such he worked under senior sound designer and director Wataru Hachisako and sound designer Yoshiki Sandou on titles such as Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 and Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. He now works on the Lost Planet series with the likes of Gaku Komura.

Tsujino is also an in-house guitarist for the company, contributing to music composed by the likes of Shinya Okada, Yuko Komiyama and Yoshino Aoki (most often for the Mega Man series). He is also known by the alias smarters.

Production HistoryEdit

Song CreditsEdit

Mega Man X: Command Mission

  • Theme of Mega Man X Command Mission -- Guitar [NOTE: Overseas version]

Mega Man X8

  • Theme of "Rockman X8" -- Guitar
  • Title -- Guitar
  • Stage Start -- Guitar
  • Stage Clear -- Guitar
  • Weapon Get! -- Guitar
  • Result -- Guitar
  • Demo Clear -- Guitar [NOTE: Command Mission (PS2 Version) demo only]

Rockman EXE 5DS & 6 Music Complete Encyclopedia

  • Past & Future -- Guitar Solo

Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure

  • Kaizoku no Uta (Pirate Chanty) -- Acoustic Guitar

Mega Man X Legacy Collection

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