Wood Man artwork in Rockman Complete Works.

Wood Man (Uddoman in Japanese) is a character from the classic Mega Man series.

Profile[edit | edit source]

A tree-based Robot Master from many classic Mega Man games, created by Dr. Wily. In Mega Man 2, it should be noted that using a fully-charged Atomic Fire (when not using the Leaf Shield) can instantly destroy him (two in Hard mode and the Wily Wars remake).

Data[edit | edit source]

Wood Man has two attacks:

  • Wood Man will create a Leaf Shield and will throw it at Mega Man and will jump on a space and when he's close, Mega Man must walk over him or defeat him.
  • Leaves will begin to swirl and Mega Man must move and follow the swirling leaves and Wood Man repeats again.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Mega Man II[edit | edit source]

Wood Man does the same pattern like in his first appearance and is weak to Atomic Fire and Metal Blade.

Mega Man 3[edit | edit source]

In Shadow Man's stage, Doc Robot will use the same pattern of Wood Man like in Mega Man 2 and is weak to Needle Cannon and Search Snake.

Mega Man: The Power Battle[edit | edit source]

Wood Man has the same pattern, except he rolls into a log to stun the player. Atomic Fire doesn't kill him in one hit, unlike in Mega Man 2.

Super Adventure Rockman[edit | edit source]

Wood Man is the second boss of Episode Two in Super Adventure Rockman. He throws Leaf Shields at the player and can be destroyed. When not attacked, he'll punch the player and is weak to Atomic Fire.

Mega Man 8[edit | edit source]

Wood Man's pattern is the same, except Rush (when using him) can drop bombs to remove his shield. The Flame Sword can penetrate through his Leaf Shield.

Mega Man 10[edit | edit source]

Wood Man made his final appearance as a data of the Weapons Archive. The orb does the same pattern and he's weak to Triple Blade.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Crash Bomb can pass through the Leaf Shield when Wood Man is using it, but the Atomic Fire cannot, even when it's fully-charged.
  • In Mega Man: The Power Battle, Wood Man's stage is a remix of Crash Man's theme.
  • Wood Man isn't only resistant to the Rolling Cutter (a weapon used to cut trees), but his weapon is best to defeat Cut Man in Mega Man: The Power Battle.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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