Won!Tertainment Music Channel (ワンタメ ミュージックチャンネル Wantame Myūjikku Channeru?) is a Japanese trading card arcade game developed jointly by Capcom and Takara Tomy aimed for young girls. The game started operating in September 2006. Service ended in September 2010, and maintenance support ended on March 31, 2014.[1]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Won!Tertainment Music Channel is a rhythm game with anthropomorphic idol dogs. The first name from its title is a combination of "wanko" ("doggy") and "entertainment". Players select a level and scan cards to start the game:

  • Puppy Card - The puppy that will participate in the game. While most are puppies, there are also cards with cats.
  • Miracle Power Card - A card with enrichment programs. Success on it will increase the dance score.
  • Oshare Card ("Fashion Card") - Optional cards with dresses and accessories that can be worn by the selected puppy.

Releases[edit | edit source]

  • Autumn 2006 (First release)
  • Winter 2006 Muku x2 Puppy Ver.
  • Spring 2007 Doki x2 Puppy Ver.
  • Spring 2007 Poka x2 Puppy Ver.
  • Summer 2007 San x2 Puppy Ver.
  • Autumn 2007 Run x2 Puppy Ver.
  • Winter 2007 Wonderful ★ DUO
  • Spring 2008 Lovely ★ DUO
  • Spring 2008 Sweet ★ DUO
  • Summer 2008 Tokonatsu ★ DUO
  • Autumn 2008 Kiranuki ★ DUO
  • Winter 2008 Elegant ★ Project
  • Winter 2009 Beauty ★ Project
  • Spring 2009 Funny ★ Project
  • Summer 2009 Comical ★ Project
  • Autumn 2009 Cute ★ Project

Related items[edit | edit source]

Data can be exchanged between the game and related products.

  • Idol Puppy (アイドルパピー) - A LCD game used to raise Puppies.
  • Idol Puppy Starlight Unit (アイドルパピースターライトユニット) - LCD game with a pedometer function.
  • Hapi Papi Cube Town (ハピパピキューブタウン) - LCD game shaped like a 4x4 Rubik's Cube. The cube's combinations affect the gameplay.

Nintendo DS releases[edit | edit source]

  • Won!Tertainment Uranai Channel (ワンタメ うらないチャンネル) - A fortune telling game released on August 9, 2007.
  • Won!Tertainment Music Channel: Dokodemo Style - A port of the arcade game released on November 22, 2007. The arcade cards can be scanned with a card reader.
  • Won!Tertainment Variety Channel (ワンタメ バラエティチャンネル) - Released on August 7, 2008.

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