Wayne Holden

Wayne Holden is a character from the Lost Planet series. He is the main character of the first Lost Planet game Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.


In the beginning of the game, Wayne is frozen within a VS (Vital Suit) after a battle where his father, Gale, supposedly dies battling a vicious Akrid known as Green Eye. After being found and unfrozen 30 years later by Yuri, Luka and Rick, Wayne has no memory of his past, only remembering two things. The first is his name. The second is the death of his father at the hands of Green Eye. After a short while, though, Wayne starts to remember more about his past, including how to pilot a VS, and more details about his father's death.

Wayne first assists Yuri, Luka and Rick mainly by entering combat for them, at first to wipe out Akrid hives, rival Snow Pirate groups, and the NEVEC organization. Eventually, Wayne's battles lead him to confront the Green Eye, where he uses Gale's VS to slay the vicious Akrid. After killing the Green Eye, Wayne remembers the whole story of Gale's death: Gale was not killed by the Green Eye, but by NEVEC troopers, led by Bandero. Wayne's objective then changes to stopping NEVEC from executing its plan, the Frontier Project, something which his father also fought against. Wayne succeeds in dealing significant damage to NEVEC's operations, and eventually ends up battling and killing Bandero.

Afterwards, by obtaining the final component to his unique Harmonizer, Wayne is able to activate the full capabilities of Gale's VS, and uses it to stop the Frontier Project and kill Dennis Isenberg, NEVEC's commander. However, in the end, the Harmonizer's completion causes Wayne to once again lose all his memories, but in the end Wayne is no longer needed to fight anyone any more. Wayne is the owner of a unique prototype Harmonizer, a device that uses Thermal Energy (T-ENG) to heal bodily injuries and wounds. Wayne's Harmonizer, however, is somewhat flawed, in that it conflicts with his body. When Wayne was frozen, the Harmonizer kept him alive and at a young age, but also caused his amnesia. The Harmonizer also will not function without T-ENG, and without T-ENG, Wayne may suffer from severe seizures, or even death. In the final stage of the story, Yuri gives Wayne a component that unlocks the Harmonizer's full capabilities. At full power, the Harmonizer transforms Gale's VS (which was intended to be passed down to Wayne) into a Gundam-like superweapon. However, the upgrade once again conflicts with Wayne's body, and erases his memories again.

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