Wataru Hama (浜 亘) is a Capcom employee who joined in 1996 that has served as a sound effect designer since the fifth console generation, beginning with Resident Evil: Director's Cut followed by Resident Evil 2, working in conjunction with veteran sound designer Hideaki Utsumi and composer Shusaku Uchiyama.

Hama later became Sound Design Chief for the next game in the series, working with Tomoyuki Kawakami. Following this, though, he would reunite with his former colleagues for Devil May Cry and the Gamecube remake of the original Resident Evil. He later worked on the Monster Hunter series with designers Rika Kuroiwa and Masatomo Tajima.

Since 2004, Hama has also worked with T's Music on a few titles as Lead Sound Designer, particularly the Sengoku Basara series.

Production HistoryEdit

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