Lady Dethklok Lady Dethklok 9 January 2020

To-do list

Pages to create: 

  1. Shadaloo dolls
  2. Final Fight characters 
  3. Dorai 
  4. Street Fighter EX characters
  5. Azam
  6. Ortho K. Gotch 
  7. Blana 
  8. Carlos Miyamoto
  9. D.D. 
  10. Rook 
  11. Daigenjuro Kanzuki 
  12. Gekis I and II
  13. Delta Red members
  14. Concept characters 
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Lady Dethklok Lady Dethklok 20 November 2019

The entire Ultra SFIV roster!!!!

Below is the ENTIRE roster for Ultra Street Fighter IV

Abel (First appearance) 

Akuma (Boss in Street Fighter II, Playable in Alpha) 

Balrog (Street Fighter II)

Blanka (Street Fighter II) 

Cammy (Super Street Fighter II)

Chun-li (Street Fighter II)

C. Viper (First appearance) 

Dan (Street Fighter Alpha) 

Dhalsim (Street Fighter II)

E. Honda (Street Fighter II) 

El Fuerte (First appearance) 

Fei Long (Super Street Fighter II) 

Gen (Street Fighter Alpha)

Gouken (First appearance)

Guile (Street Fighter II) 

Ken (Street Fighter) 

M. Bison (Street Fighter II) 

Rose (Street Fighter Alpha) 

Rufus (First appearance)

Ryu (Street Fighter)

Sagat (Street Fighter)

Sakura (Street Fighter Alpha) 

Seth (First appearance)

Vega (Street Fighter II)

Zangief (Street Fighter II) …

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Lady Dethklok Lady Dethklok 19 November 2019

The entire SFVAE roster!

Below is the whole roster of characters from the marvelous game of SFVAE!!!!!!!

Original: (All of these characters appear in the first SFV game)

Ryu (Street Fighter)

Chun-li (Street Fighter II) 

Charlie Nash (Street Fighter Alpha) 

M. Bison (Street Fighter II) (Boss) 

Cammy (Street Fighter II) 

Birdie (Street Fighter) (Boss) 

Ken (Street Fighter) 

Necalli (First appearance) 

Vega (Street Fighter II) (Boss)

R. Mika (Street Fighter Alpha) 

Rashid (First appearance) 

Karin (Street Fighter Alpha) 

Zangief (Street Fighter II) 

Laura (First appearance) 

Dhalsim (Street Fighter II) 

F.A.N.G. (First appearance) 


Alex (Street Fighter III) 

Guile (Street Fighter II) 

Ibuki (Street Fighter III) 

Balrog (Street Fighter II) (Boss) 

Juri (Street Fighter IV) 


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