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Forgotten Worlds Unknown Soldiers Red and Blue

Unknown Soldiers 1P and 2P in Forgotten Worlds.

The Unknown Soldiers are the playable protagonists in Forgotten Worlds.


The Unknown Soldiers are marine-type fighters who have no past nor a name to be called by. Following the destruction of the planet by the Celestial Emperor Bios and his 8 Evil Gods, the Unknown Soldiers were given form in this earth by the aura of regrets from the human survivors[1]. They are capable of free-flying thanks to anti-gravity equipment (In the form of "Flying Stone" pendants), and wield large firearms and special satellite weapons sold to them by the mysterious traveling merchant, Sylphie. The 1P soldier wears a blue uniform and armor, sports shades and blond short hair, while the 2P soldier is a black man wearing shades, a mohawk hairstyle and a red/orange uniform and armor.

Overlooking the state of the Dust World from a mountainside, they are soon joined by Sylphie. The merchant begs them to save the world and their people from Bios, claiming they can become the people's hope. Both soldiers wanted to answer their desperate plead but hesitated, not knowing where to start. Sylphie then says she is certain they have the power to bring about Bios' end, then suddenly vanishes amidst strong winds, leaving her words echoing behind her. Grabbing their weapons, the two warriors gaze upon each other and prepare themselves for battle.[2]

After a difficult and long journey, the two warriors eventually brought down all 8 evil gods and their creator, Bios, in gruelling combat. Sylphie appears afterwards to thank them for their efforts and that now the world will start rebuilding again. The story of the two warriors became a legend, and since no one ever saw or heard of them again afterwards, it further became a myth passed down to future generations.

The Sega Genesis/Mega Drive English manual provides a completely different backstory and origin for the two soldiers: in this version they were raised since childhood in secret by a group of humans training them in battle and the specialized use of lethal weapons hoping they could one day liberate the world from their alien conquerors.[3]


The Unknown Soldiers don't have any actual name, and are always refered by generic titles. Promotional material for the Arcade original simply calls them Player 1 and Player 2[1] (sometimes shortened to 1P and 2P[4]), and this is also how they are identified in the TurboGrafx-16 port's character select screen. It is worth noting, however, that they are described as being "super soldiers" in the story text[1]. Promotional material for the Mega Drive port in Japan described the 1P soldier as the Nameless Super Soldier (名無しの超戦士 Nanashi no chō senshi?), and the 2P soldier as the Mohawk Guy/Bastard (モヒカン野郎 Mohikan yarō?). The English Genesis/Mega Drive manual, on the other hand, refers to them as the Nameless Ones when together[3], and Warrior 1/Warrior 2 individually.[5]

In Japan, official material afterwards uses "Nameless Super Soldier" as the official title/name for both soldiers[6]. Although translated in a few different possible ways, "Nameless Super Soldier" is the official English translation used by Capcom.[7]

The 1P soldier's cameo in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes uses the English Unknown Soldier to refer to him in all languages, although the official website and materials still refers to him as the Super Soldier (超戦士 Chō senshi?)[8]. Due to the popularity of the fighting game in the West, "Unknown Soldier" became the most recognized title used to refer to the two soldiers among English-speaking fans.

In Namco x Capcom, the two soldiers confirm they have no actual name nor they care about having one, indicating to the rest of the party to call them whatever they feel like. Felicia decides to come up with names for them, referring to 1P as Gurasan (グラサン Gurasan?, lit. sunglasses) and 2P as Mohawk (モヒカン Mohikan?, a reference to the name used in Mega Drive promotions). The two men aren't particularly amused by this, and the group ends up using the name Sylphie's been using to call them: Nameless Super Soldiers.[9]

Other appearances[]

  • Two P from Final Fight was designed after the Unknown Soldier 2P, having a very similar design and face, using an orange vest likely in reference to the soldier's red/orange uniform, and his name being a reference to 2P ("Player 2"). His official profile lists his dislikes as being worms and lizards, referencing two enemies from Forgotten Worlds (Zipper Worms and Reptilian Thugs), and his catchphrase is listed as "Yeah, me too man!", one of the soldier's lines during the ending of Forgotten Worlds. Two P's profile in the Shadaloo C.R.I. includes two more nods: he's found half-naked at the side of the street, a nod to the soldiers being shirtless when not powered-up; and he's stated to be good at handling heavy weapons, in reference to the large firearms the soldiers wield in battle. Coupled with the fact Two P is a wandering amnesiac with no recollections of his past, this details seem to imply the two characters are one and the same, with the Unknown Soldier somehow ending up in the world of Final Fight/Street Fighter with no memories of his previous life.
  • Unknown Soldier 1P appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes as one of the assist-exclusive Special Partners. When called he flies into the screen and uses both his machine gun and the "Laser" Satellite option from Forgotten Worlds. His alternate color is based on the Unknown Soldier 2P.
  • The two Unknown Soldiers appear in the background of Ken's stage from Street Fighter Alpha 2, as two of several guests from other Capcom games attending Eliza's birthday party. They are seen wearing a black and red tuxedo respectively, and 1P is seen holding a tray of wines and a towel, possibly implying they are working as butlers for the party.
  • In the first SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash game, Unknown Soldier 1P appears in the Action Card "Mega Crash", referencing the move from Forgotten Worlds. In the sequel, the two soldiers appear in the Reaction Card "Aura Spark".
  • Characters heavily resembling the two Unknown Soldiers appear in the 2nd issue of Archie's Mega Man comic book series as two soldiers fighting off the Robot Master assault on the city. They briefly interact with Mega Man, both uncertain if he was friend or foe. A later issue in the comics would retcon the Unknown Soldier 1P to be comic-original character Xander Payne.
  • In Street Fighter V, Guile received a Nameless Super Soldier costume as one of several crossover costumes, decking him in the 1P soldier's armored getup.



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