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Ugo Belli's last moment of life, being stabbed to death by his brother Ricardo Belli.

Aureolus Ugo Belli is a video game game character from the survival horror game Haunting Ground. He is Fiona Belli's father, Ricardo's older brother, and the created son of Lorenzo Belli.


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Ricardo was created by the alchemist by Lorenzo Belli, who in turn is a multigenerational clone of Aureolus Belli. One of the greatest Alchemist known to mankind. Ugo was a notable creation by Lorenzo as Ugo was created by the "wet method" which involves the creation having azoth and thus for all intents and purposes can live as a normal human being.

It is never shown if Ugo has any knoledge of alchemy as he was stated to have grown too attached to the human world, and was taken from Lorenzo by a woman called Ayla, who Ugo would later have a daughter called Fiona with. After Ugo was taken from Lorenzo he hastily created another clone (albiet imperfectly) and called him Ricardo. However as Ricardo was created using the "dry method" without azoth, he has a self deteriorating body. Something that can be seen when he reveals his face to Fiona; he looks like Ugo but has some noticable cracks in his face.

Lorenzo himself is shown to look like a younger Ugo when he reverts his age, something Fiona notices. Young Lorenzo has long hair and is shown to be stronger, more menacing, and faster than Ricardo and presumably Ugo.

Ugo's actual role in Haunting Ground is rather limited, He is only shown in snipbits throughout most of the games as Fiona remembers the events before waking up in the cage when the game starts. His ultimate fate is revealed when she is cornered in the forest by Ricardo who reveals how she got in the castle and the cause of deaths of her parents.

While Fiona was in college she decided to meet with her parents and when all three were in a car another car came and swerved into them, driving them off the road. Ayla died immediately because of the impact, Ugo was shown to have sustained injury but was still alive. Riccardo drove a sharp object through the midsection of Ugo, kiddling him after a small time writhing. Fiona was shown unconcious laying in the backseat of the car and was taken to the castle, starting the events of the game.


  • It is possible that Ugo might have been skilled in alchemy, as every other Belli who was an open practicioner would have that name in their title "Aureolus Lorenzo Belli" "Aureolus Riccardo Belli".