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Character art in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies.

Trucy Wright is a character in the Ace Attorney series. She is Apollo Justice's assistant and half-sister, and Phoenix Wright's adopted daughter in the fourth game Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. She is also a professional stage magician born into the Gramarye family of magicians.



Similar to Wright's old assistant Maya Fey, Trucy is bright, energetic and very naïve. However, underneath all this, she is also very perceptive and intelligent, usually being able to piece things together in and out of court even more quickly than Justice does. She recently became a fan of Justice's rival, prosecutor Klavier Gavin and his band, getting a large "allowance bonus" from her father to buy a great deal of their merchandise.

She often orders "Extra-spicy" curry, just to make sure it is, in fact, spicy. However, the curry turns out to be too spicy for her, and she always wastes it.

Despite her cheerful demeanor, Wright has said that she is hiding a deep sadness, given the fact that (as far as she knows) she has lost both her biological parents.

When she is not assisting Apollo, Trucy's performs magic at the Wonder Bar every night. One of her well-known tricks is her "Magic Panties" act. Trucy pulls out objects larger than the panties, such as a car tire, a stewpot, a frozen chicken and a broom.

Other tricks involve a giant puppet named Mr. Hat, which is apparently hidden on her person at all times. She has used Mr. Hat to disguise herself as an adult on at least one occasion. Similarly, she has used Mr. Hat as an in-court distraction at least once. She's also mentioned an act that involves her shooting a cat named Bullets out of a gun.


In Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Trucy Wright is the daughter of Thalassa and Zak Gramarye and as such possesses the power of perception like her mother and grandfather Magnifi. After Zak fled the courtroom during Magnifi's murder trial, Phoenix decided to adopt her as his daughter, which she accepted with no hesitation. She served as Apollo's assistant during the latter's tenure in the Wright Agency. Her favorite trick is Mr. Hat, a puppet that wears her hat. Trucy's second favorite trick is her magic panties, which have been a great hit in her performances. It is also revealed in the final episode that Trucy is Apollo's half sister, a fact that both are currently unaware of.

Trucy returns in the fifth game, Dual Destinies and the sixth game, Spirit of Justice. She is still working at the Wright Anything Agency and continues to aid the lawyers in their investigations.


  • The name of Trucy's biological father is Shadi Enigmar (his stage name is Zak Gramarye) as such, her original name is Trucy Enigmar.