Tokio is a character from the beat 'em up game Crimson Tears.


Although Tokio looks like the muscle of the group, his inherent abilities are geared more toward defense. He has the highest defense and health in the trio, letting him take more abuse before finally succumbing in battle. The tradeoffs are that he can't deal as much damage in melee combat, and his attacks and movements tend to be slower than those of the girls.

As well as having the most stamina, Tokio also has an affinity for ranged weapons. To start with, he has a weapon called the Psy-Gun, which allows him to convert his mental energy into a ranged attack using no ammunition. This comes at the expense of a slight rise in the meltdown gauge. He is also the only character capable of dual-wielding ranged weapons, with the same restriction that applys to Amber. Using this ability, Tokio can target more than one enemy at a time for ranged attacks, often letting him emit a hail of bullets that can keep a crowd of foes at bay.

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