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Three Wonders (known as Wonder 3 in Japan) is an arcade game made by Capcom in 1991. As the game's title indicates, Three Wonders is actually three arcade games packed into one title chronicling the adventures of the hobbits Lou and Siva. Three Wonders is also included in Vol. 2 of Capcom Classics Collection for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.


Capcom System 1 - Three Wonders Intro

The first game is Midnight Wanderers, an action game where Lou and Siva embark on an adventure to find the magical chariot, traveling through a beautiful landscape filled with dangers; the second game is Chariot, a shoot 'em up game that takes the duo to the skies for a high-flying dogfight; and the third and final game is Don't Pull, a fast-paced block-pushing game where the player must squash the opposition.


  • Midnight Wanderers (ルースターズ, Roosters in Japan, subtitled "Quest for the Chariot") - A platformer, like other Capcom titles such as Mega Man and Strider. The player controls a hobbit named Lou and his travelling companion, Siva, to basically run, climb, and shoot at enemies. Lou's friend Sena has been turned into a statue by Gaia, the boss of the game, and it is up to the player to see that she is returned to her human form.
  • Chariot (subtitled "Adventure Through The Sky") - A basic shoot 'em up game. It features Lou and Siva in a Gradius-esque game. It follows the events of Midnight Wanderers, as Lou and Siva are using the Chariot obtained in the end of said game. The end boss is Lar, who is Gaia's superior, and they must save the princess who Lar has imprisoned.
  • Don't Pull - A puzzle game that's entirely different from the other two selectable games. Similar to games like the Eggerland series and Pengo. It involves a pink bunny named Don and a squirrel called Pull pushing blocks to crush monsters.


Retro Gamer regarded 3 Wonders as a good alternative to Biomechanical Toy.[1] GameFan reviewed the PlayStation version as inferior to the original arcade game due to bad quality converted graphics.[2]

Other media

  • Lou returned in the game Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes as a helper. He also brings with him, Firestorm from Midnight Wanderers. If both players have Lou as their assist character, Lou's second pallette uses Siva's colors and Firestorm is colored orange.
  • Gaia and the Terror Twins from Midnight Wanderers, and Don from Don't Pull appeared in the Japan-only release Capcom World 2.



Arcade Version

Game Designer: Udatoshi
Programmer: Koma Chan
Character Designer: Kurisan
B.G. Designer: Kuramoyan
Sound Composer: T'Yomage
Director: Kihaji-O
Produced by: Capcom




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