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The Savior

The Savior, also known as The False Savior or Silver Gigas, is a enemy from the Devil May Cry series. It is the final boss in Devil May Cry 4.


The highest level and most powerful demon summoned by the Order of the Sword. A monolithic living statue that stands several hundred feet tall and fueled by the blood of Sparda, the Savior's exterior contains millennia of spiritual and demonic matter fused together. The Savior's skin is white, with blue gems present at several points of its body. The Savior has large, golden horns at the sides of its head and it has two very large crescent symbols that hover behind it.

After the defeat of Sanctus by Nero while inside the Savior, his body is completely assimilated into the remains of the Savior, warping its visage to that of Sanctus'. Though much weaker in this state, it was still capable of massive destructive force, lashing out at Dante, Kyrie and Nero, until Nero defeated him using his Devil Bringer to crush its head.