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The Great Oni (Mysterious Budo in Japan) is a fighting game character from the Slam Masters series of wrestling games.


The Great Oni, also known as "The Demon of Sobriety," is a Japanese wrestler whose theatrical appearance (said to be that of a Kabuki leader) excites the audience. He has been called the "Pale-Faced Devil" because of the white face paint he began wearing at the request of a local promoter during the period he spent training overseas. His appearance influences his words sounding like the drama tunes of that period. Oni is frequently at odds with fellow CWA member El Stingray, whose flashy wrestling style is similar to his own. Oni's swift movements enable him to toy with his opponents.


  • Oni's character is loosely modeled after The Great Muta.
  • His rivalry with El Stingray could mirror the rivalry between Japan and Mexico wrestling promotions.