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Tekken X Street Fighter (鉄拳 X ストリートファイター, Tekken Kurosu Sutorīto Faitā) (pronounced "Tekken Cross Street Fighter") is a crossover fighting game that was being developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It was supposed to cross the universes of Namco's Tekken and Capcom's Street Fighter into one game, creating a roster from both franchises. The game was announced at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International by Bandai Namco producer [1]. The gameplay of Tekken X Street Fighter was going to feature the same 3D fighting game engine of the Tekken franchise, as opposed to 2012's Street Fighter X Tekken, which features the 2D-style gameplay of Street Fighter IV. Both games are part of Namco's Cross series of crossover games.

Bandai Namco put the game's development on hold in 2016. In June 2021, Harada reiterated that "no one really knows for certain at this point."[1]


The game would feature characters from both franchises, with Street Fighter characters receiving a Tekken visual makeover while keeping their fighting style and special moves fully intact".[2] Unlike the Capcom version, no gameplay has been shown yet.

The gameplay of Tekken X Street Fighter would feature the same 3D fighting game engine of the Tekken franchise, as opposed to Street Fighter X Tekken, which featured the 2D.5 graphics and gameplay of the Street Fighter IV games.


Street Fighter
Evil Ryu (unconfirmed, silhouette resembling him seen behind Ryu)
Jin Kazama
Devil Jin (unconfirmed, silhouette resembling him seen behind Jin)


Tekken X Street Fighter was announced on July 24, 2010 at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con along with the Capcom-produced Street Fighter X Tekken. Ryu and Jin Kazama appear on the game's promotional poster (shadowed by their alter-egos "Evil Ryu" and "Devil Jin" respectively). It was still in its early stages of development and no images or videos were released at the 2010 Comic-Con. Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada did reveal some concepts at Gamescom 2010 such as a prototype model of Ryu, with the gi of Tekken's Paul Phoenix. He said the team has yet to finish the model as details and lighting were not completed.[3]

There was a official poll on Facebook posted on March 4, 2012[4] where people could vote for which Tekken or Street Fighter characters they would like in the game. There were fifty-five Tekken characters and sixty-six Street Fighter characters to choose from, and fans were able to choose five of their favorites from each series. On March 7, 2012, Katsuhiro Harada clarified that the poll will not decide the final roster, but will instead be used in conjunction with various research methods to determine the character lineup.[5]

In April 2012, Harada stated that the game was about 10% complete.[6] At the 2014 San Diego Comic Con International, Harada revealed that the game is still in development; the reason for the scarce information is due to Bandai Namco waiting for the opportunity to market it.[7]

On July 2015, Harada stated that development has come far along.[8] On December 12 the same year, Akuma was revealed as a guest character in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution,[9] though no statement was made as to whether this was an indicator of the crossover title's status, his appearance gives a potential idea of how the Street Fighter characters will work in Tekken X Street Fighter's gameplay.[10]

In April 2016, Harada stated that the game was officially on hold due to the release of Street Fighter V and the (at the time) upcoming release of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution; the developers didnt want to split the communities. Additionally, the character roster is finished and was decided a very long time ago.[11] Harada reiterated this during a 2018 year-end party livestream while also revealing that the game was about 30% complete.[12]

In May 2019, Harada states that he still wants to release the game, but his "logical and business" sense has him questioning whether he actually should.[13] In December 2019, Harada posted a poll on his Twitter account, asking the community how much they still were waiting for the crossover game.[14]


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