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Tatsuya Nishimura (西村 達也), better known by his alias Anie, is a former Capcom sound designer who created sound effects and (in rare instances) music for a number of the company's SNES titles. He is most notable for creating the sound effects used in all the official console ports of Street Fighter II.

Outside of Capcom, Nishimura is also known for his work on Bases Loaded 3, Bases Loaded 4 and Super Bases Loaded (pre-Capcom) and at least two games in the Suchie-Pai series (post-Capcom) (all published by Jaleco) during the '90s. In these games Nishimura is a composer outright and also wrote lyrics for some songs in the latter series.

Production History[]

Song Credits[]

Breath of Fire (SNES Version)

  • Memories -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Dragon Heart -- Composition & Arrangement

Final Fight 2

  • England 8:00 PM -- Composition & Arrangement
  • Unused Track 2 -- Composition & Arrangement [NOTE: Test BGM][1]

Mega Man 7

  • Museum -- Arrangement