Tango is a supporting character from the classic Mega Man series.

Profile Edit

A cute robotic cat, and one of Mega Man's more useful allies, Tango debuted in Mega Man V. Tango can change himself into a buzzsaw and dive into enemies. Tango returned in Rockman & Forte: Challenger From The Future for the WonderSwan and was featured in Mega Man 10. Despite his small number of appearances, he has a large fanbase.

In Mega Man V, Tango rolls toward the screen to attack enemies. Tango vanishes when the energy is depleted, when falling into a pit, or when the player leaves the room where Tango was used. He functions much the same way in Challenger From The Future.

In Mega Man 10, Tango has a cameo, napping (sometimes playing) on the counter of Auto's item shop when playing as Proto Man.

Like Rush and Beat, Tango's head resembles Mega Man's helmet.

MegaMan Battle Network Edit

Tango is also a Navi Customizer program in the MegaMan Battle Network series, shaped like a green cat with a bandage roll on its head. When equipped, Tango appears once during each multiplayer NetBattle to heal the player and give them a barrier. He is available from MegaMan Battle Network 3 to 6. While there is no official artwork of the Tango program from Battle Network, there is concept art.

The Tango program also appears in Battle Memory from Rockman ×over.


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