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Tamaya is an online only game, featuring the Street Fighter character Ibuki.

Gameplay Edit

Tamaya is a 4 player only game where each player takes control of a uniquely colored Ibuki. The goal is to get as many bombs in the player's base as possible, there are also decoy bombs that can explode on the Ibuki that picks it up, stunning her temporarily. The player can steal bombs from enemy Ibukis before they deliver the held bomb to their own base.

Trivia Edit

  • This game was released because of a fad on Twitter after Ibuki was released in Street Fighter V called the "Ibuki Bomb Challenge", where players would upload videos of different characters juggling Ibuki's V-Trigger 1 bomb in the air for the full duration it is on the screen before it explodes.
  • This game may have been inspired by a style of Legend of Zelda that started with The Four Swords where four miniature different colored Links controlled by different people to solve tasks. However the main difference is Tamaya has the for different colored Ibuki's against each other.


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