Tadashi Jokagi (上鍵 忠志) is a sound engineer and designer formerly involved with video games. He was employed first by Capcom in 1992, where he mainly designed sound effects for SNES games such as Breath of Fire, Goof Troop and Mega Man X under his alias, Elf.

He also worked on the home ports of Street Fighter II': Champion Edition, creating new sound effects for the TurboGrafx-16 version and programming the sound for the Genesis version. As a result of the latter instance, Sega took interest in Jokagi's talents.

In October 1994, Jokagi left Capcom to join Sega, where he would remain until August 2000. During this time he worked on programming and engineering the sound for games such as Virtua Fighter (the 32X version), Sonic Adventure and D-2.

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