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Tadakatsu Honda, or Iron Ox, is a character from the Sengoku Basara series. He is a giant clad in thick armor draped with gold prayer beads and iron antlers protruding from the helmet, possessing great strength in each of his blows.

He is most closely associated with Ieyasu Tokugawa, and sometimes lets him sit on one shoulder. He cannot talk, so players don't know what he is thinking unless they can translate the noises he makes, sometimes written as long lengths of exclamation points. He wields a huge drill-spear, with which he can do a considerable amount of damage and his element is lightning.


  • Onyx - A giant steel spear with weak attack power and defense.
  • Tendril - A better spear than Onyx, but not overly so.
  • Fusion - A special giant spear with medium attack power and weak defense. It adds extra lightning damage to attacks.
  • Spiralus - A special spear with low attack power and very high defense that adds a bonus hit to the combo display whenever an enemy is struck.
  • Zenith - Has the same properties as Fusion, but with higher attack power and medium defense.
  • Dragonfly - A vastly more powerful version of Spiralus. It has incredibly high attack power and defense, in addition to its prime advantage. Obviously named after Tadakatsu's Dragonfly Cutter.

In Japanese History

The real Tadakatsu seems to have been a colorful figure, around whom a few legends have sprung up - it is often said that of all the battles in which the famous general served, he never once received a wound. His helmet, famously adorned with deer antlers, ensured that he was always a recognizable figure on the field of battle. His horse was known as Mikuniguro.

His fighting prowess was so great that his spear named Dragonfly Cutter, (the name coming from a legend where the tip of the spear was so sharp that a dragonfly that landed on it was cut in two), became known as one of the "Three Great Spears of Japan".