RECV Tyrant

T-078 Tyrant

A T-078 Tyrant is a enemy from the Resident Evil series. It was developed on Rockfort Island in the game Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, was specially intended to serve for training purposes with Umbrella’s Special Forces. It is characterized by it’s blunted claws, which act as battering rams. T-078 is modified version of T-103 Tyrant. This new Tyrant attacks with fast, strong slams and swipes and also has no weaknesses like a heart outside of its body like earlier models. Because of this, it takes more of a pounding and even is able to withstand rocket blasts unlike the previous types.


Like many Tyrants, the T-078 is able to mutate into an enhanced form. The known physical changes in the body after the mutation - like all Tyrant-Rs - is increased strength and a longer "slashing claw". An aggressive mutation cause claws to sprout from its right hand and increased T-078's muscle mass. It moves much faster, and is resistant even to explosives. This specimen was killed, when it was hurled out of an airborne transport plane with a box of explosives. It is seeable in resident evil code veronica x.