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Suzu Monogatari (鈴ものがたり) is a card battle RPG released only in Japan by Capcom in 2000 for PlayStation.


While travelling on the human realm, Suzumaru can dig and fish to find money and items, and talk with other to befriend them and make missions. Dogs and cats can join Suzumaru to help look for items. Suzumaru can collect stronger cards to win battles and progress in the story.

Battles use three types of ofuda cards to attack, Fire, Water, and Wood, which work like rock-paper-scissors: Fire beats Wood, Wood beat Water, and Water beats Fire. In case of a tie, the card with higher AP wins. Each successful attack reduces an amount of HP of the opponent equal to the used card's AP, and the battle is won when the opponent's HP is reduced to 0. The game also has support cards with special effects, such as AP modifiers.


In the kingdom of gods, there was a naughty child called Suzumaru that often caused trouble. One day, Suzumaru took seven bells that had a warning saying to not touch to play otedama, and accidentally dropped five of the bells into the human realm. The gods got angry when they discovered what happened, and Suzumaru was ordered to retrieve the five bells.

Main characters[]

  • Suzumaru (すずまる) - A naughty child from the realm of gods that does not listen to others at all. Was tasked to retrieve the bells dropped on the human realm.
  • Bell Spirit (鈴の精 Suzu no Sei) - Helps Suzumaru retrieve the bells.
  • Momotarō (桃太郎) - A child born from a peach by the power of a bell. Is always studying and is not very strong.
  • Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫) - A moon resident who had a bell when she was born. It is unknown how she got the bell.
  • Lord (殿様) - A foolish feudal lord who picked up one of the bells that had fallen from heaven while sleeping. It is unknown if the bell had an effect on him.
  • Elder with a bump (コブ取り爺さん) - A former dance instructor who has a big swelling on his cheek due to the power of a bell.
  • Urashima Tarō (浦島太郎) - The power of a bell led him to Ryūgū-jō. He claims to have been a gigolo when he was younger.


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