Susumu Matsushita (松下進 Matsushita Susumu, born February 6, 1950 in Fussa, Tokyo) is a Japanese manga artist known for his unique American comic–influenced design. His most famous works are the designing of the mascot Neppe of Orix Buffaloes, Motor Toon Grand Prix, Hudson's Adventure Island series, Monkey Magic and the concept art and character designs for Capcom's Maximo: Ghosts to Glory and its sequel.

Matsushita's illustrations have frequently appeared in video game magazines including the creation of numerous covers for publications such as Famitsu (for which Matsushita has designed the mascot, Necky (ネッキー?) the Fox[1][2]). Matsushita is also responsible for creating the mascots of numerous Famitsu spinoff magazines including:

  • Famitsu Bros. (for which Matsushita designed the mascot, Arnold)
  • Satellaview Tsūshin (for which Matsushita designed Sabi the Flying Squirrel (サビー・ザ・フライング スクウィラル?)[3])
  • Famitsu PS (for which Matsushita created the Penguin Bros. (ペンギン・ブラザース?)[3])
  • Game Boy Tsushin (for which Matsushita created the Buggy the Bat (バギー・ザ・バット?)[3])

In addition to creating characters for game magazines, Matsushita has also designed mascots and characters for gaming events like Space World (Matsushita designed Lucky Rabbit and friends),[4] and for video games such as those in the Derby Stallion series.

He also drew the old Shueisha Business Jump magazine's mascot, which was a mouse.




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