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Street Fighter X Mega Man (Street Fighter Cross Mega Man) is a 2D crossover game for the PC that was released on December 17, 2012. It is a commemorative 25th anniversary platform and fighting hybrid game for the Mega Man and Street Fighter series; its release doubles as an ushering of the former series' anniversary and the ending of the latter's. It was available for free on Capcom Unity.


Promotional art.

As in most Mega Man games, the game offers eight levels to choose from. To make the battles easiest, it is best to defeat the easiest level first, then move on to the one whose boss is defeated by that weapon. Which is easiest varies by opinions.


Name Weapon Weakness
Rolento Mine Sweeper Soul Satellite
Dhalsim Yoga Inferno Optic Laser
Urien Aegis Reflector Mine Sweeper
Ryu Hadoken Aegis Reflector
Blanka Tropical Hazzard Yoga Inferno
Rose Soul Satellite Tropical Hazzard
Crimson Viper Optic Laser Lightning Kick
Chun-Li Lightning Kick Hadoken

Final Bosses[]


"Having fought countless Robot Masters over the years, Mega Man is ready to lay back, relax and enjoy his 25th Anniversary. Getting wind of this, Ryu and his fellow Street Fighters want one last battle before they let their own anniversary finish. A true collaboration between Capcom and its fans for Mega Man's and Street Fighter's 25th anniversary, Street Fighter x Mega Man was created and developed by Singapore native Seow Zong Hui (aka “Sonic”), with an original soundtrack by Luke Esquivel (aka “A_Rival”), and with support provided Capcom, Street Fighter x Mega Man stars the Blue Bomber as he goes toe-to-toe with some of Street Fighter's most beloved characters complete with their own individual themed stages and boss battles."


Street Fighter x Mega Man was initially a fan-made title known as Mega Man vs. Street Fighter, which was in development since 2009. Creator Seow Zong Hui approached Capcom USA with a work-in-progress version in 2012, and it was soon decided that the project would be funded, given creative input, and officially distributed online through the company.

An updated version known as "Street Fighter X Mega Man V2" was released on January 18, 2013. It includes minor tweaks, gameplay enhancements, a new password system, improved controller support, a rebuffed M. Bison and Sagat as a new secret character.


  • This is the first officially distributed Mega Man game to ever be programmed entirely outside of Capcom.
  • In a portion of Ryu's stage there is Japanese writing on the wall reading "1987". This was the year that Capcom initially released the original Street Fighter in Japanese arcades and the original Mega Man on the Japanese Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System).
  • Dan appears everytime a new weapon is obtained.
  • There were unconfirmed rumors of the possibility of the game being ported to Mac, Linux, and cell phones.[citation needed]
  • Each level is a mix of the Street Fighter characters' themes and a Robot Master stage theme (for example, Dhalsim's stage is a mix of his theme and Snake Man's).


Programmer/Artist: Seow Zong Hui (aka Sonic)
Music: Luke Esquivel (aka A-Rival)
Background Artist: George Papapetrou (aka Geo)

Capcom U.S.A. Support

SVP CS Planning & Strategy: Christian Svensson
Sr. Community and Online Manager: Brett Elston
Associate Producer: Michael Evans
Community and Online Specialist: Greg Moore
Director of Technology: Gary Lake-Schaal
Director of Product Development: Erin Krell
Assistant General Counsel: Albert Chin
Associate Strategic Marketing Manager: Andrew Schnorr
Sr. Community and Online Specialist: Chris Antista
Sr. PR Manager: Jason Andersen
Director of CS Planning and Strategy: Kaori Tsukuda
Associate Manager Content Analysis: Marc Rodriguez
Marketing Coordinator: Mike Lunn
Paralegal: Theresa Pascual
Director Web Technologies: Tom James
Senior Producer: Travis Williams
Manager Global Marketing Relations: Tsuyoshi Kanda
Assoc. Manager Global Marketing Relations: Yuka Daimon
VP Digital Platforms: Zack Karlsson
Special Thanks:

  • Matt Lomonaco (Pinpoint Marketing Group, Inc.)
  • Alstone Tee Jia Loong, Arthur Moy, Joseph Lee E Feng, Koh Yung Tek, Law Che Lin, Mac Franco, Max Ho Chiong Ping, Roy Lim Chuen Soon, Tui Ming Fung, Yeo Chee Leng, Zhi Liang Chew

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