Street Fighter: Puzzle Spirits is a puzzle game released for mobile phones in Japan. It is a spin-off of the Street Fighter series.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players fight through various stages using puzzle pieces. Each turn will build up attacks for the color collected. Pieces break down as the following:

Two or more puzzle pieces of the same color create a flame of that color (ex: two red pieces create a red flame).

Two or more flames of the same color create a rainbow sphere. (ex: Two red flames create a rainbow sphere).

Two or more rainbow spheres create a timed combo used to build attacks.

The player can set up their character to hold five attacks, along with a "friend." The first skill card is designated as a "leader" card and if the skill card allows, use its passive ability.

The player has a "spirit" which is seen around the character. The opponent also has a spirit around their character.

There are three colors of the "spirit":

  • Red (weak against blue, strong against green)
  • Blue (weak against green, strong against red)
  • Green (weak against red, strong against blue)

The number of turns and type of color attack until the opponent makes the attack is shown on the top right of the screen. The objective is to defeat the opponent by bringing their health to zero. This can be done with skill card attacks and every turn taken.

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