The Stiff (real name: Devin Aranoc) is a villain featured in the 3D beat 'em up game Final Fight: Streetwise, a spin-off game in the Final Fight series of beat 'em up games.

Profile[edit | edit source]

He supplied Cody with the drug GLOW while working for Father Bella. Bella eventually wanted to see Cody again, so the Stiff dragged him off by force, leading Kyle on a chase throughout all of Metro City to search for his brother.

The Stiff gave the Weasel a Bible with GLOW in it (assumedly so that the Weasel could learn enough about the drug to distribute it properly throughout the city) and Kyle eventually used that Bible to trace the Stiff to the Bijou Hotel.

In the ensuing fight, he's knocked off the roof and Kyle catches his arm, only to let him go when the Stiff tries to shoot him. The Stiff apparently falls to his death, shooting his gun wildly in the air. However, he survives the fall, becoming more fearsome than ever.

Story[edit | edit source]

The Stiff is a powerful leader in some sort of mysterious Metro City mob. It is his past dealings with Cody that prove to be a key factor leading to a dramatic upheaval in the lives of Cody and Kyle, leading to Cody being kidnapped by him and Kyle searching for his whereabouts. After forcing Nicky Wissell to reveal where his hideout is, Kyle confronts Devin in the top of the Bijou Hotel.

Death[edit | edit source]

After being injected by Dr. Chang with massive doses of GLOW, the Stiff becomes a mutated freak. Known as "Death", he is now capable of absorbing and attacking with electricity, as well as fire GLOW-colored spikes out of his back, which can regenerate. He also could recharge himself by draining the life from GLOW-induced rats.

Despite all this, Kyle defeated the Stiff once more at the Pier District. Afterwards, the unstable nature of his body caused it to disintegrate. He was supposed to be Fr. Bella's Death horseman, but due to his early defeat at the hands of Kyle, Cody then fills that role.

After his mutation, the Stiff calls Kyle "Kung Fu", and tells him that he can be very difficult to kill. He doesn't seem capable of saying much else at this point.

Elite Guard[edit | edit source]

The Elite Guard were male mobsters who worked for the Stiff and Blades. They wore three piece suits to separate themselves from Vito's men. While some of the Elite Guard fight with brute strength, the palette swap of that character is also able to tackle opponents. There are men only seen in the Bijou wearing white that fire guns, but they are harmless if they drop them, often begging for their lives until there is an opportune time for them to get the guns back. They also are sometimes seen with German Shepherds that attack on their command.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Though the origin of his nickname is unclear, The Stiff's rigid posture, perfect businessman grooming, and unparalleled skills at making people stop breathing all have certainly contributed to his highly-feared reputation.
  • The Stiff was modeled after Samuel L. Jackson.
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