Steve Rockett (2012)

Steve Rockett is a British sound designer and on-again, off-again music composer who has been involved with game audio since 1991. He has been involved with developers such as A Probe Development (1993-1996), Syrox (1999), Crawfish Interactive (1999-2003), Climax Studios (2003-2007) and Black Rock Studio (2007-2010). Since January 2012 he is now the Audio Director at Lowrider Sound Ltd.

Prior to becoming the head of Climax Studios (then The Climax Group), Rockett mainly dealt with music and sound effect creation for handheld titles (particularly those for Game Boy Color), including ports of older games.

Two of these ports were the GBC version of Street Fighter Alpha and the GBA version of Street Fighter Alpha 3, both of which have rather infamous soundtracks due to how they were compressed in adherence to their respective system's design limitations.

Other titles Rockett worked on include X-Men: Mutant Academy, MotoGP '06 and Split/Second.

Production History[edit | edit source]

Song Credits[edit | edit source]

Street Fighter Alpha (GBC Version)

  • Opening Demo -- Arrangement
  • VS. -- Arrangement
  • Ryu Stage -- Arrangement
  • Chun-Li Stage -- Arrangement
  • Ken Stage -- Arrangement
  • Rose Stage -- Arrangement
  • Sagat Stage -- Arrangement
  • Vega Stage -- Arrangement

Street Fighter Alpha 3↑ (GBA Version)

  • Who'll be your double? -- Arrangement
  • The road -- Arrangement
  • Active red -- Arrangement
  • Proof of divinity -- Arrangement
  • Behind you -- Arrangement
  • Fatal depth -- Arrangement
  • Way to the glory -- Arrangement
  • Decisive bout -- Arrangement
  • Doll eyes -- Arrangement
  • Simple rating -- Arrangement
  • Crimson -- Arrangement
  • Call to action -- Arrangement
  • Daybreak -- Arrangement
  • Rise again -- Arrangement
  • Zero time -- Arrangement
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