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RMCW Star Man

Star Man artwork from Rockman Complete Works.

Star Man (スターマン Sutāman) is a character from the classic Mega Man series of action platformer games. He is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily who appears as a boss in two Mega Man games. During the events of Mega Man 5, Star Man takes over an abandoned space station over Earth.



Star Man is an ardent romanticist who enjoys watching opera and musicals, but is also a sentimentalist. He has a tendency to be excessively emotional and make decisions based on feeling rather than reason, and does not get on well with pessimists. He often refers to himself by the nickname of the Splendid Noble Youth, and dreams of someday travelling through space with a love of his own.


Stage Information[]

  • The entire stage doesn't have any gravity; jumping high can either cause the player to crash into enemies or be killed by spikes. However, jumping helps to avoid the astronaut Mettaurs.
  • Asteroids will fall throughout the stage and can explode when they land on the ground.


  • Star Man constantly jumps at Mega Man where he's standing and activates his Star Crash. The best way to beat him is to get close to him, but not go far from him as he won't throw it. Any other weapons cannot penetrate through it, except Water Wave.
  • When Star Man stops jumping, he throws his Star Crash at Mega Man when he's on the ground or in the air.

Other appearances[]

  • In Mega Man for the Game Gear, Star Man will behave like in his first appearance, except that he can be damaged by two weapons. Flash Stopper and Power Stone are his weaknesses.
  • Starman appears in the 22nd episode of the Ruby Spears Megaman series titled "Curse of the Lion Men".
  • Starman, along with other Robot Masters from Megaman 5, appear in the Megaman OVA Megaman: Upon a Star.
  • Starman also appears in the Mega Man 5 manga.


  • On the English translation of Star Man's Mega Man & Bass CD data, the translator incorrectly uses the word "exploitation" instead of "exploration".
  • Star Man's mugshot in the Game Gear version of Mega Man is miscolored green on the stage select.