Spider Queen.

Spider Queen is a character from the Ōkami series of action adventure games. It is the first boss in Ōkami.

Biography Edit

Appearance Edit

She takes the form of a giant spider with a woman's head and torso. She has no eyes on her face; instead, her eyes are located in her flower-like abdomen. She can create webs and appears to be able to harness some of Orochi's power in battle.


The Spider Queen is based on the Jorōgumo from Japanese myths, while the Bandit Spiders appear to be based on the Tsuchigumo variety of spider demon. Her design is also based on Sadako from the Japanese movie Ringu, the original Japanese adaption of the famous psychological horror movie The Ring.

Story Edit

Background Edit

The Spider Queen lived (or was possibly imprisoned) in a giant chamber that was linked to the head of the Dogu statue in Tsuta Ruins. It is never revealed what she was doing there, but she seems to have had several victims during this time, as there are many skulls outside her chamber.

Ōkami Edit

During her lifetime within the Tsuta Ruins, the Spider Queen remained mostly dormant until Orochi's release, when Orochi called upon her and granted her some of his power to smite his enemies. However, the Queen remained undiscovered until Kokari and his dog Ume were exploring the ruins. They heard the Spider Queen's roars, and Kokari fled, but Ume remained and was captured by the devious Queen.

The key to the Ruins was lost, and the water was poisoned by an unknown entity. During their adventures, it became necessary for Amaterasu and Issun to enter the ruins to find Ume. They cleansed the water there and eventually found the Queen's nest, containing a large flower which was actually the Queen's abdomen. Under orders from her master, the Queen quickly attacked them after briefly speaking of Orochi's return.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the Ōkami artbook, the Spider Queen is said to have a human form but this is never seen.
  • When drawing with the Celestial Brush over her hide, the ink dissolves.
  • She appears to be able to understand Amaterasu's barks, as she becomes enraged by them.
  • Oddly, although her essence is not actually seen flying away after her defeat, she is somehow at the Ark of Yamato and seems to have been on it when it first landed, as she has her own room there.
  • For some reason, unlike the other bosses, the Spider Queen is not mentioned at all before her battle.
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