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Spider is a character from the Mega Man X series. He is one of the playable main characters in Mega Man X: Command Mission. A bounty hunter who joins X during the events of the game, Spider uses playing cards as his main weapon.


Initially, Spider was hired by the Rebellion's Wild Jango to take out X, but when he attacks X (making him drop an ID), he realizes the true situation due to Aile's ID. Revealing that Aile was an old friend (his former partner, to be exact), Spider breaks the deal with Jango and joins X's team. However, this distant bounty hunter hides a dark secret: the real Spider was murdered by Colonel Redips prior to the game's events.



Spider has decent speed, and his Sub-Weapons are certainly useful. His Twin Missiles strike twice, but the really nice one is his Item Capture, which can yank items from enemies immediately (similar to many characters in RPGs). He really only has four varieties of card attacks; each one has a different bonus effect when his Weapon Energy is above 75%. The Spade series are especially useful against crowds, since their bonus effect is to strike all enemies at once.

His Fortune Card Action Trigger move is incredibly risky, basically like playing a hand of poker. Five cards are drawn, and the player has the option to re-draw as many times as he/she wants (including leaving the hand as it is). The stronger the hand he deals, the more powerful his attack is.

Hyper Mode[]

The Trickstar Hyper Mode only last two rounds, but renders him an invincible shadow during that time. Quite valuable, this is best used in a tight situation.