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Below is a list of Special Weapons obtained by defeating the Mavericks in the game Mega Man X3, how X can use them to his advantage and the Maverick/Boss who is the most vulnerable to them. It should be noted that when X is using the weapon, the color of his armor changes.

Special Weapons
X Acid Burst
Name Acid Burst
Maverick Toxic Seahorse
Abilities (Uncharged) - Fires a glob of acid that splashes on contact.
(Charged) - Two Acid Bursts are shot, but they bounce multiple times along the floor.
Against Tunnel Rhino
X Frost Shield
Name Frost Shield
Maverick Blizzard Buffalo
Abilities (Uncharged) - Ice darts are fired, and upon contact, turn into three-pointed shards that attach to the floor. The darts are bigger when fired underwater.
(Charged) - A large ice shield is produced at the end of the X-Buster. After a period of time, it will detach and slide along the ground. If detached underwater, it becomes an object that X can ride to the water's surface.
Against Toxic Seahorse
X Gravity Well
Name Gravity Well
Maverick Gravity Beetle
Abilities (Uncharged) - Releases a ball that creates a high-gravity zone. Surrounding enemies are crushed by junk attracted to the ball.
(Charged) - X fires releases a Gravity Well upward, generating a black hole. After a short time, the black hole settles in place and lifts enemies up towards it, similar to Gravity Man's Gravity Hold.
Against Blast Hornet
X Parasitic Bomb
Name Parasitic Bomb
Maverick Blast Hornet
Abilities (Uncharged) - Fires an explosive charge that can attach itself to an enemy, stunning it. Large enemies are only stunned, whereas small enemies are stunned and then flown to the nearest enemy to achieve double damage.
(Charged) - Four crosshairs appear around X and seek enemies. After targeting an enemy, a mini bee will home in on the target and attack it.
Against Blizzard Buffalo
X Ray Splasher
Name Ray Splasher
Maverick Neon Tiger
Abilities (Uncharged) - Scatters small bolts of energy in a spread-out manner.
(Charged) - X releases a small ball that will continually spray small bolts of energy in all directions.
Against Gravity Beetle
X Spinning Blade
Name Spinning Blade
Maverick Crush Crawfish
Abilities (Uncharged) - The Spinning Blade fires two saw-like blades in front of him that curve back in an arc.
(Charged) - A giant spinning saw held by an energy line is released. It will stop after a period of time, or after X spins it in a whole circle.
Against Neon Tiger, Blast Hornet
X Tornado Fang
Name Tornado Fang
Maverick Tunnel Rhino
Abilities (Uncharged) - Up to three drills can be fired in a column formation to cause damage to up to three different enemies at the same time.
(Charged) - A large spinning drill is created on the end of the X-Buster. It can be used to attach onto a wall, and will be lost after air dashing.
Against Volt Catfish
X Triad Thunder
Name Triad Thunder
Maverick Volt Catfish
Abilities (Uncharged) - Three dynamos will appear around X, passing thunder bolts around in a triangle pattern, and then firing off in three directions. Continuously pressing the weapon fire button will invert the dynamos, prolonging the effect to three more times before the thunder bolts will leave.
(Charged) - X will punch the ground, causing all grounded enemies to take damage. Two thunder bolts will then follow the ground in front of and behind X, causing damage on contact. X must be on the ground to use this weapon.
Against Crush Crawfish