Below is a list of Special Weapons obtained by defeating the Mavericks in the game Mega Man X2, how X can use them to his advantage and the Maverick/Boss who is the most vulnerable to them. It should be noted that when X is using the weapon, the color of his armor changes.

Special Weapons
X Bubble Splash
Name Bubble Splash
MaverickBubble Crab
Abilities (Uncharged) - A string of bubbles are released, and pop on contact with any object.
(Charged) - A barrier composed of bubbles surrounds X. Although enemies will be damaged on contact, weapon energy is constantly consumed by the shield. When used underwater, jumping height is further increased.
Against Flame Stag
X Crystal Hunter
Name Crystal Hunter
MaverickCrystal Snail
Abilities (Uncharged) - Fires a drop of liquid which crystallizes enemies on contact. The encased enemy can be destroyed by jumping on it, similar to performing a wall kick, or by dashing through it. It can also be used as a platform to access other areas. A weapon capsule will be obtained from destroying the crystallized enemy.
(Charged) - The charged Crystal Hunter causes the screen to shake and distort time for a short period, and all actions on screen are slowed down for a while.
Against Overdrive Ostrich
X Magnet Mine
Name Magnet Mine
MaverickMagna Centipede
Abilities (Uncharged) - Releases a mine that travels horizontally at a constant rate, and can be controlled vertically. It will detonate immediately on contact with an enemy, or after a short time upon contact with a wall.
(Charged) - A miniature black hole is unleashed; it is controlled in the same fashion as the uncharged version of the weapon, with the exception of being able to go through walls/obstacles. It can increase in size if it absorbs enough of a certain range of objects.
Against Crystal Snail
X Silk Shot
Name Silk Shot
MaverickMorph Moth
Abilities (Uncharged) - Launches hunks of garbage. This weapon's behavior and power vary from stage to stage, but the most common form is a chunk of scrap metal that arcs downward and explodes into diagonal shrapnel.
(Charged) - A huge mass of junk collects on X's buster, creating a large block that shields him slightly. Releasing the button fires the mass of junk as a makeshift projectile. When charged up in certain unmarked rooms, it will instead pull a bunch of energy or weapon capsules out of the walls for X to collect.
Against Magna Centipede
X Sonic Slicer
Name Sonic Slicer
MaverickOverdrive Ostrich
Abilities (Uncharged) - Fires two blades of energy which reflect off of walls, ceilings, and obstacles. These blades can ricochet a great number of times before disappearing, but the angle of reflection increases on every hit, and it's different for each of them. Once the blades reach the sky or an enemy, they disappear.
(Charged) - Five energy blades are fired into the air, then fall back down.
Against Wire Sponge
X Speed Burner
Name Speed Burner
MaverickFlame Stag
Abilities (Uncharged) - A pair of fireballs that spin around each other are shot. Traces of damaging flames will appear if this weapon is fired on the ground. When used underwater, only two non-flaming drones are shot; they do little damage.
(Charged) - Surrounded by flames, X will dash for a period of time slightly longer than his air dash (obtained by his armor).
Against Morph Moth
X Spin Wheel
Name Spin Wheel
MaverickWheel Gator
Abilities (Uncharged) - Fires a saw-like disc which crawls along surfaces. Can destroy some terrain and specific blocks.
(Charged) - A large Spin Wheel is released and immediately turns into eight energy bolts which fire in all directions.
Against Bubble Crab
X Strike Chain
Name Strike Chain
MaverickWire Sponge
Abilities (Uncharged) - Quickly releases a chain with a hook on its end. The hook can grasp to walls to pull X towards said wall, or grasp and bring back items.
(Charged) - A longer chain is released. Enemies destroyed by this chain will result in energy pickups.
Against Wheel Gator
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