Below is a list of Special Weapons obtained by defeating the Mavericks in the game Mega Man X, how X can use them to his advantage and the Maverick/Boss who is the most vulnerable to them. It should be noted that when X is using the weapon, the color of his armor changes.

Special Weapons
Name Boomerang Cutter
Maverick Boomerang Kuwanger
Abilities Fires crescent-shaped projectiles that fly in an arc before returning to X.
Against Sting Chameleon, D-Rex
Name Chameleon Sting
Maverick Sting Chameleon
Abilities Fires a green beam which splits into three shots shortly after firing. When charged, X is temporarily invulnerable.
Against Storm Eagle, Rangda Rangda
Name Electric Spark
Maverick Spark Mandrill
Abilities Fires an electrical burst that, in coming in contact with a wall or surface, will travel along the surface it touched.
Against Armored Armadillo
Name Fire Wave
Maverick Flame Mammoth
Abilities Releases a jet of flames as long as the button is pressed.
Against Chill Penguin
Name Homing Torpedo
Maverick Launch Octopus
Abilities Shoots missiles that follow the target, ideal for quick-moving enemies.
Against Boomerang Kuwanger
Name Rolling Shield
Maverick Armored Armadillo
Abilities Fires a blue sphere that rolls along the ground and bounces off walls. When charged, it forms a shield around X.
Against Launch Octopus
Name Shotgun Ice
Maverick Chill Penguin
Abilities Fires icy shots, but when charged forms a platform on which X can ride.
Against Spark Mandrill
Name Storm Tornado
Maverick Storm Eagle
Abilities Sends a tornado in the direction X is facing. When charged, the tornado grows larger in size and acts as a shield, even protecting him from enemies above and below.
Against Flame Mammoth
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