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Below is a list of Special Weapons obtained by defeating the Robot Masters in the game Mega Man 7, how Mega Man can use them to his advantage and the Robot Master/boss who is the most vulnerable to them.

Special Weapons
Name Danger Wrap
Robot Master Burst Man
Abilities Releases a bomb inside a bubble that travels upwards, which can trap certain enemies in the bubble while the bomb inside it explodes.
Against Cloud Man
Name Freeze Cracker
Robot Master Freeze Man
Abilities Mega Man fires a shard of ice. If it hits a wall, it splits into six smaller shots. Can also freeze certain enemies.
Against Burst Man
Name Junk Shield
Robot Master Junk Man
Abilities Uses electromagnetism to pull junk, which rotates around the user for protection and can hit enemies multiple times, the chunks disappearing as they hit objects.
Against Freeze Man
Name Noise Crush
Robot Master Shade Man
Abilities Fires a powerful sound wave to damage enemies. If the wave hits a wall, it will bounce off it. Chargeable.
Against Turbo Man
Name Scorch Wheel
Robot Master Turbo Man
Abilities Creates a wheel of fire that spins by holding the attack button, and can then be rolled across the ground to damage enemies.
Against Slash Man, Burst Man, Freeze Man
Name Slash Claw
Robot Master Slash Man
Abilities Short-range weapon that allows Mega Man when he swings his arm to generate a crescent-shaped beam of energy straight forward.
Against Spring Man
Name Thunder Bolt
Robot Master Cloud Man
Abilities Shoots a ball of electricity. It travels through walls, but if it does not destroy an enemy on impact, it will split and travel upwards and downwards.
Against Junk Man
Name Wild Coil
Robot Master Spring Man
Abilities Sends one spring forward, and one backward. Chargeable.
Against Shade Man