Below is a list of Special Weapons obtained by defeating the Robot Masters in the game Mega Man 2, how Mega Man can use them to his advantage and the Robot Master/boss who is the most vulnerable to them.

It is in this game that the number of Robot Masters increased from six to eight, thus increasing the number of weapons obtainable.

Special Weapons
Name Air Shooter
Robot MasterAir Man
Abilities Fires several small whirlwinds that spread out and rise upward, making it an effective weapon against airborne enemies.
Against Crash Man
Name Atomic Fire
Robot MasterHeat Man
Abilities Shoots fireballs at enemies, and can be charged to increase its range and power, able to deal greater damage when fully charged.
Against Wood Man
Name Bubble Lead
Robot MasterBubble Man
Abilities Throws a heavy bubble that rolls across the floor, damaging everything in its path.
Against Heat Man
Name Crash Bomber
Robot MasterCrash Man
Abilities Shoots a grappling bomb that sticks into walls and enemies and blows up after several seconds.
Against Quick Man, Wily Machine No. 2
Name Leaf Shield
Robot MasterWood Man
Abilities When used, the Leaf Shield will remain active as long as Mega Man stays still, but the instant he moves, the shield will fly off in the direction he moved.
Against Air Man
Name Metal Blade
Robot MasterMetal Man

A metal saw blade that can thrown in eight directions. It is the strongest weapon in the entire game.

Against Flash Man, Metal Man, Bubble Man
Name Quick Boomerang
Robot MasterQuick Man
Abilities A small boomerang-shaped cutter that can be fired rapidly and has short range. Mega Man can fire a few simultaneously.
Against Metal Man
Name Time Stopper
Robot MasterFlash Man
Abilities It momentarily stops time but doesn't cause any damage (except to Quick Man). It doesn't work on all enemies; some enemies are only slowed down and some are not affected at all. While active, Mega Man cannot shoot projectiles or swap powers.
Against Quick Man
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