Below is a list of Special Weapons obtained by defeating the Robot Masters in the game Mega Man 10, how Mega Man can use them to his advantage and the Robot Master/boss who is the most vulnerable to them.

Three additional weapons can be obtained by beating the Mega Man Killers.

Special WeaponsEdit

Special Weapons
Name Chill Spike
Robot MasterChill Man
Abilities Similar to the Ice Slasher, this weapon launches a special freezing gel which flies in a parabolic trajectory. An enemy hit by this liquid may freeze and become unable to move.
Against Nitro Man
Name Commando Bomb
Robot MasterCommando Man
Abilities After launching it, pressing up or down on the Control Pad will make it turn at a 90 degree angle. Pressing left or right will make it turn again. When it impacts a wall, ceiling, or floor, it will produce a large blast which spreads horizontally or vertically.
Against Blade Man
Name Rebound Striker
Robot MasterStrike Man
Abilities Mega Man throws a rubber ball straight forward or diagonally up or down. As it gets faster and stronger with each successive bound, it inflicts more damage to the target. It can bounce up to four times.
Against Sheep Man
Name Solar Blaze
Robot MasterSolar Man
Abilities Splits apart and launches firebombs to the left and right after a set period of time.
Against Chill Man
Name Thunder Wool
Robot MasterSheep Man
Abilities Launches a thunder cloud that slowly rises, and a lightning bolt shoots straight down from the cloud. Can fire up to two consecutive shots.
Against Pump Man
Name Triple Blade
Robot MasterBlade Man
Abilities Fires three blades that move in three different directions, attacking multiple enemies at the same time.
Against Strike Man
Name Water Shield
Robot MasterPump Man
Abilities When equipped with this weapon, a rotating shield of water surrounds the user. Pressing the attack button once more hurls high-speed drops of water that spiral outward, deactivating it.
Against Solar Man, Wily Machine No. 10
Name Wheel Cutter
Robot MasterNitro Man
Abilities Launches up to three sharp spinning wheels from a distance.
Against Commando Man

Killer WeaponsEdit

Mega Man Killer Weapons
Name Ballade Cracker
Robot MasterBallade
Abilities Can be shot in multiple directions, exploding on impact.
Against Enker
Name Mirror Buster
Robot MasterEnker
Abilities Enker's spear, whose abilities are somewhat simulated by the Mega Buster. It creates an energy shield which can absorb an enemy's shots and reflect it back at the one who shot it.
Against Punk
Name Screw Crusher
Robot MasterPunk
Abilities Throws a powerful saw that moves up for a while and then loops down.
Against Ballade, Wily Machine No. 10
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