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RMCW Spark Man

Spark Man as seen in Rockman Complete Works.

Spark Man (Supakuman in Japanese) is a character from the classic Mega Man series. He first appeared as one of the Robot Master bosses in Mega Man 3.


Created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily based on a plug, Spark Man was designed to charge electricity, but was controlled by Dr. Wily, making him a combat robot.


The lifts go up very fast in Spark Man's stage. If Mega Man is not careful, he'll crash into the spikes, causing an instant death.


Spark Man has only two attacks. First, he'll release little sparks. Then, Spark Man will release a huge Spark Shock at Mega Man and repeats the pattern again.

Other appearances[]

Super Adventure Rockman[]

Spark Man is revived by Ra Moon and is encountered as a boss in Episode III. During the battle, he throws Spark Shocks at Mega Man. When far away, Spark Man can use a fully-charged electric bolt against Mega Man. When in close proximity, he can slash Mega Man and damage him.

Mega Man III[]

Spark Man behaves like the one in his appearance. The switches in his stage are slower than in his first appearance.


  • On his Mega Man & Bass CD data, it explains that Spark Man can produce twice the voltage of electricity that Elec Man can, and this makes his top wattage output 10 million watts.
  • On the North American box art of Mega Man 3, Spark Man is grey instead of orange.