Slip Stream arcade board

Slip Stream (or Slipstream) is a arcade racing game released in 1995. It ran on Sega's System 32 board - the only third-party game for that system. It is ostensibly based on the Formula One championship, although it is not FIA-licensed.

This is a very rare title: reputedly, it received a limited release of only 150 units distributed in Latin America (the known ROMs for MAME are in Portuguese and Spanish). The likely reason was its outdated technology: it was a 2D scaling racer, released when far more advanced 3D titles, such as Namco's Ridge Racer and Sega's Daytona USA, were already available.


Planner: Ayrton Ken, Jun Kaz, Mucchi, Nohah, Mita ? Harada
Object: Yokota Yokozo, Minobe, Nok, Yuusuke
Scroll: Mikisan, Nisui, K2, Kuwatti
Software: BTD, Chabin, Kid, Mitsu, Mythty Gara
Sound: Oyaji, Ikebomb, Nobu.
Hardware: Sega
Voice: Nishihara K-TA, Yokoyama Chisa
Director: Kihaji-O, Poo
Producer: Kihaji-O
Special Thanks: CBX, Marten, Shin., Makopy, Panda 1100 4x4, Hero Hero, CKY, Yasupi, Zuimaoh-X, Watabow, Mr.Shiraiwa, all Capcom staff

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