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Slash Man

Slash Man (Surasshuman in Japanese) is a character from the classic Mega Man series who first appeared as one of the Robot Master bosses in Mega Man 7.


Slash Man is based on a prehistoric wolverine creature, created by Dr. Wily, designed to destroy forests for the construction of his bases in Mega Man 7. His design was based on Pluto from Mega Man V.


Stage Information[]

  • The first part of the stage has falling logs. The player must time his jumps and then jump on the ledge, but be careful of the enemies.
  • The second of the stage features the player being required to ride on a Technodon, and there are spikes and bottomless pits.
  • The third part is King Gojulus. Its weakness is its mouth which shoots fire and then it shoots from its body.
  • The fourth part of the stage has Derusu Bees. Shooting their hives cause more to come. They can only be burned by Scorch Wheel.


Slash Man has two attacks:

  • When Mega Man is close to him, he'll use his Slash Claw at him.
  • When Slash Man jumps off screen, eggs will drop and Slash Man will either jump at Mega Man or not.

Other appearances[]

Mega Man: The Power Battle[]

Slash Man's pattern is the same as the one in Mega Man 7, but he never jumps offscreen. However, he throws an egg at the player to damage him.

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters[]

Slash Man's attacks are increased in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. When he starts rolling, he stuns the player. He guards the player's attack with his claws. When Slash Man starts shouting in Danger Mode, he fires eggs and repeats again. His weakness is Dive Missile.

Mega Man 10[]

Slash Man makes an appearance as a data of the Weapons Archive. Slash Man has a custom 8-bit sprite. The best way to defeat him is to stay away from the orb. It's best to slide under him. Unlike Freeze Cracker, he is weak to Chill Spike.


  • In Mega Man Battle & Chase, the extra part "Blade Tire" bears a resemblance to Slash Man's claws.
  • In the fourth part of the stage after burning the last tree, there is a secret ladder. Mega Man needs to use Rush to reach it and he will find a cage with Beat. Mega Man must use a charged shot to destroy the cage.
  • Yoichi Amano originally called Slash Man "Claw Man", but his name was changed to "Slash Man".