Skull Man

Skull Man is a character from the Classic Mega Man series, first appearing in Mega Man 4.


A fan-favorite Robot Master, Skull Man was a battle robot created to have a strong balance of defense, offense and speed. He was created specifically by Dr. Cossack for the purpose of fighting Mega Man after Dr. Wily kidnapped Cossack's daughter Kalinka. Skull Man knows about nothing else other than battle, which gives him a very resourceful and brutal personality.

Skull Man's main armament is the Skull Barrier, a shield of skull-shaped bits made from a special energy that rotate around him. Unlike other Robot Masters with barriers, Skull Man doesn't throw his barrier as a weapon. However, he is armed with a shot cannon. Since Skull Man's battle routine follows Mega Man's own movements, at the start of battle he won't even move until Mega Man does.

Skull Man purposely represents the exact opposite of his creator's ideals, and thus resembles something out of a nightmare. Skull Man's strong point is his willingness to put up with any kind of trouble or hardship. However, he's said to have bad taste. Skull Man unsurprisingly enjoys horror movies, but hates fussiness.

His NetNavi counterpart featured in MegaMan Battle Network is named SkullMan.EXE.

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