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Simone (シモーヌ?) is a character from the multi-directional shooter game Cannon Spike. She is one of the eight playable characters and one of the two "original" characters in the game along with Shiba.



Although it is officially unconfirmed, there are a number of potential evidence to suggest Simone was inspired by Linn Kurosawa, a main character from the licensed Alien vs. Predator game developed by Capcom. They are both female cyborgs whose weapon of choice is a samurai sword, both uses Kenpo combined with Ki, one of Linn's special moves Kattouha (滑刀波?) is Simone special move as well (as mentioned in the latter's Capcom Fighters Network profile) and many lines in Simone's Japanese biography are copied from Linn's Japanese biography.


Simone is a troublesome mercenary that gives assistance to Delta Red in some missions. She has a strong will and a passion to complete her missions. Part of her body is robotic, making her a cyborg, with superhuman power, but also making her heavier than normal. Still, Simone has great speed and agility, handling her missions with a sharp Samurai Sword. She is also good at using firearms, preferring to use a large-caliber Magnum automatic pistol, and knows Kenpō. Her special move is Kattouha (滑刀波?). She is also able to perform air throws.

In Cannon Spike, Simone fights alongside Arthur, a veteran mercenary who acts like her guardian and is the only person she trusts.