Silvia, as seen in Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble.

Silvia, also known as Sexy Silvia or Fashionable Silvia, is a main character in the Viewtiful Joe series of sidescrolling action beat em' up games. She is the girlfriend of Joe. Silvia is voiced by Christina Puccelli in the games, and by Philece Sampler in the English anime. She is also the daughter of Captain Blue, and the twin sister of Goldie.



Silvia wears glasses. It is not known whether they are for cosmetic reasons or if she really needs them, but she has never appeared without them. In the first game, Silvia appears dressed in a pale bluish-green dress. However, for the next two games, she wears a pink dress. In Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble, she is a playable character both in her Fashionable Silvia look wearing the dress from the original game and in her Sexy Silvia garb. In the PSP version, the Jasmine and Trish costumes are also available.


After being kidnapped by her father to be used as a sacrifice in Viewtiful Joe, she is saved by Joe, and reunites with a reconciled Captain Blue. In Viewtiful Joe 2, she convinces her father to give her a V-Watch of her own, allowing her to fight alongside Joe as "Sexy Silvia". She continues to play both supporting and playable roles in subsequent games. She distinguishes herself from Joe by using two guns to fight, and has an overall different moveset. Silvia has the Replay action, which replays an action three times, allowing three times the damage when timed correctly. When pulled off, it also makes her sparkle with electricity.

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Goldie is Silvia's twin sister, and they are completely identical in every way except for the fact that Silvia wears glasses. She is only ever mentioned in the first game, and then only in the extra stories as a stand-in for Silvia. She appears in Silvia's story and Alastor's story, being kidnapped by Blue in both. In the latter however, she ends up becoming a romantic interest for Alastor.

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