Shin - Street Fighter Online

Shin (シン Shin?) is a playable fighting game character from Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation where he is also the only "original" character, making his debut during the game's December 18th 2008 update.



Shin is a good-natured, easy going young man who still maintains his wide eyed innocence. He also has a side to him which shows his more selfish and shallow side. This tends to bring out narcissistic tendencies when it comes to Shin's appearance, as he wants to be stylish and cool to feel like he's confident in himself.


Shin is a Taekwondo fighter born to a South Korean mother - whose father was a Taekwondo champion - and a Japanese father, who was a Karate champion. He feels pressured to be a martial artist by his family legacy, but he has no true interest in martial arts and would rather be a musician.

His stance on martial arts changed as he studied abroad in the United Kingdom and the United States of America and started to watch Vale Tudo fights. Inspired by the fights, Shin decided to study taekwondo because of its "cool, brilliant appearance".


  • The Tornado (トルネード Toruneedo?), similar to an Tatsumaki-attack of the same name]] used by Sean, is an aerial spinning kick that lands numerous hits on an opponent.
  • The Shinku Geri (真空蹴り Shinkuu Geri?, Vacuum Kick) is an energized reverse spinning rolling sobat kick that simultaneously launches a crescent-shaped projectile similarly to the Sonic Boom at the opponent. The move can also be done in the air in a downward, diagonal direction.
  • The Jinrai San Renkyaku (迅雷三連脚 Thunderclap Triple Leg?, Thunderclap Triple Leg) is an anti-air attack where Shin preforms a backflip kicking opponents that are in the area of the flip.
  • The Shooting Star (シューティングスター Shutingusuta?) is Shin's Super Combo attack in which he performs several Shinku Geris in succession, firing many crescent projectiles at once. Shin finishes the combo with a Jinrai San Renkyaku that emits a great shockwave.
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