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Scion, known as Valdoll (ヴァルドール Varudōru?) in Japanese, is a fighting game character from the fantasy-themed arcade game Red Earth, where he is one of the eight unplayable boss characters as well as the final boss.


Scion is a sorcerer who is responsible for the invasion of monsters in the different countries around the world. His ultimate goal is to find humans strong enough to survive his conquest and conquer the world in the name of his new nation, Darminor. After being defeated, he turns into a second form known as True Scion (真・ヴァルドール Shin Varudōru?).


Attacks and Abilities[]

  • Forbidden Viper (フォビドゥンバイパー Fobidun Baipā?) - Scion summons several snakes that crawl across the floor, damaging the opponent.
  • Merciless Sentinel (マーシリスセンチネル Māshirisu Sentinel?) - Misery and Despair attack the opponent either by striking them or breathing elemental breath at them. There are multiple variants of this attack, including biting, spinning attacks, diving attacks, fire breath, ice breath, thunder breath, poison breath, and several others.
  • Perish Lightning (ペリッシュライトニング Perisshu Raitoningu?) - Scion fires a laser from his cane. As True Scion, the beam is fired from his palm instead.
  • Enmity Malice (エンミティマリス Enmiti Marisu?) - Scion summons a ghost from his cane that dizzies the opponent if it hits. As True Scion, the ghost emerges from his mouth instead.
  • Throes Soliton (スロウズソリトン Surōzu Soriton?) - Scion summons numerous giant swords that emerge from the floor and ceiling.
  • Curse Destiny (カースディスティニィ Kāsu Disutinī?) - Scion sends Misery and Despair to grab the opponent, and temporarily transforms them into a small animal that is unable to block or use special attacks. This move is only used as True Scion.
  • Destruction Rain (ディストラクションレイン Disutorakushon Rein?) - Scion summons numerous meteors that fall from the sky. This move is only used as True Scion.


  • His two dragons are named Misery (ミザリー Mizarī?) and Despair (ディスペアー Disupeā?).
  • His teleport sound effect is notably used by Onslaught in Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes.