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DR Russell Barnaby

Dr. Russell Barnaby

Russell Barnaby is a character from the Dead Rising series of survival horror games. He appears only in the first Dead Rising game.


He is an elderly man crucial to Brad and Jessica's investigation, who seems to know more about the true nature of the outbreak than anyone else. He was the head of the U.S. research facility in Santa Cabeza. Dr. Barnaby and his research team were experimenting with the Ampulex Compressa Giganteus in an effort to mass produce cattle to reverse the trend of dwindling meat supplies. Consequently, Santa Cabeza is ravaged by the resulting parasite, and the U.S government represses all rumors and indications of the incident ever occurring.

After being kidnapped by Carlito (where he is suspended from the ceiling of the Entrance Plaza) and rescued by Frank, he is brought back to the Security Room. Eventually, he gives all the details about the zombie research and outbreak, and then succumbs to his affliction. He first attackes Jessica, possibly infecting her. He is then immediately dispatched by Brad before he is able to infect Frank.

The player can save Barnaby whether or not he/she finishes the story. However, if Barnaby is rescued, then Simone cannot be saved.


  • Dr. Barnaby may have become infected by an Ampulex Compressa Giganteus while he was suspended from the ceiling by Carlito.
  • Dr. Barnaby's research notes form the backstory to the Dead Rising series.