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Roll Caskett in the original Mega Man Legends.

Roll Caskett is a major supporting character from the Mega Man Legends games.



While the original version of Roll offered little more than just being a support role to her brother Mega Man during his adventures against Dr. Wily, Roll Caskett is considerably more involved in MegaMan Volnutt's adventures. Roll is responsible not only for building and upgrading Volnutt's weapons and other equipment, but also serves as a Spotter (or guide) for him.

Roll is sweet-natured, and quite energetic when it comes to her engineering abilities; but she is constantly plagued with worry about Volnutt, whose duties as a Digger tend to put him in considerable danger. Though she certainly knows better than to try to come along with him, Roll devotes herself to doing whatever she can to help. She is extremely protective and in love with Volnutt.


Roll is the granddaughter of Barrell Caskett and childhood bestfriend of MegaMan Volnutt; she also serves as his "Spotter" on his missions and helps craft new items for him.

Ten years before the events of Legends 2, her parents Banner and Matilda mysteriously disappeared during their attempted venture into Forbidden Island. It was then that her grandfather began raising the then four year old Roll. Now fourteen years old, Roll is a brilliant mechanical genius who builds and maintains everything mechanical for the Caskett family, from the Flutter to Volnutt's weapons.


  • If some circumstances are met, near the end of Mega Man Legends 2 (after the first trip to Elysium) if the player returns to Terra and checks Roll's diary, there should be an entry labeled as "Secret!". In it, Roll confesses that she is in love with Volnutt.
  • Beating the Wii version of Dead Rising on Hard with an S ranking earns the player the right to have Frank West cavort around the mall slaying zombies dressed in a Roll Caskett costume.

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