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Rockfort Island Concept

Concept art.

Rockfort Island is an fictional island in the Resident Evil series of survival horror gams. It is located off the French coast and is run by the Umbrella Corporation.


Alexander Ashford, son of one of the original co-founders of Umbrella Corporation, settled on the island after the demise of his father, Edward. Here, his offspring, twins Alfred Ashford and Alexia Ashford, were born and raised in a lavish environment with guards and hi-tech biology labs.

The island boasts an Umbrella Corporation detainment center with a medical ward, a military training facility, airport with 5 C-130 cargo planes, a private residence of Alexia and Alfred on a hill behind the palace, research laboratories containing an experimental Tyrant, Gulp Worm and Giant Spider, the Ashford palatial house and an underground hangar beneath the training facility containing the base's Harrier jets for use in an emergency. They come armed with 2 external fuel tanks for long journeys to the Antarctica base and a built-in cannon for self defense against any enemies.

Rockfort Island does not differ much from the standard Umbrella Corporation base, full of traps and luxury, but dark secrets lie hidden here that Alfred doesn't want anyone to find out about. Alfred's demential tastes have taken a heavy toll on the population of the base, with queries from base personnel to his secretary about his sanity and even the secretary questioning his mental well-being.

The island is supposedly destroyed when Alfred sets off the self-destruct system for the island, but the device fails to detonate fully. The training facility is left partially standing, although badly damaged, as is the airport and the Harrier facility.

Training Facility[]

During the Rockfort Island Outbreak, Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside searched this complex on their "mission" to start up an escape plane.

Along with the two, Alfred Ashford also appeared in this facility. In his belief that Claire and Steve caused the Outbreak, he made multiple attempts to lock them in and be slain by escaping Bandersnatches.