Rei is a character from the Breath of Fire series of RPG games. He is one of the playable main characters in Breath of Fire III. A thief of the Yraall Region, Rei is one of the last remaining members of the powerful Woren Tribe, a race of powerful humanoid tigers with exceptional agility and physical capabilities.

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Rei's features closely resembles those of a tiger, including the long, striped tail, clawed feet, yellow hue and furry, pointy ears. He is clad in puffy orange pants, in conjunction with a dark-orange vest displaying a defined abdomen. His hair is the same shade of yellow as his skin and pointy, and he wears bandages around his hands, feet and as a bandanna. His weapon of choice are two abnormally large knives.

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Rei is very calm as a thief, however from time to time, he is also capable of showing a very impulsive side of himself. He is very protective of his friends, especially Ryu and Teepo, and often assumes the role of "big brother", becoming vengeful and severely devastated when he believed Ryu and Teepo to have been possibly killed.

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Breath of Fire IIIEdit

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You can help Capcom Database by expanding it. Very little is known about Rei's past, though it is likely he was an orphan like Ryu and Teepo.

After the three are attacked by the Horse Brothers Balio and Sunder, Rei vows revenge upon the syndicate that disrupted their quiet little life, and goes on a hunt for his attackers and those who hired them. After a killing spree in Syn City and killing the syndicate's leader Mikba, he joins Ryu's group again to see if God can answer why people like him and Mikba are born with the powers that they have.

Breath of Fire IVEdit

Rei, along with Teepo, makes a cameo appearance in Breath of Fire IV but has no direct connection to the storyline. Rei and Teepo sell items found at the village ruins where Ryu first obtains his Kaiser form, most notably the King Frog fishing lure, the best lure in the game. Their appearance is believed to simply be an "easter egg".

Rei's name is spelled "Rey" in this game. It is unknown why the spelling is different from the previous game, but it's possibly a translation error.

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